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Meet our newest boybabe JERICHO. This lean 'n smooth, baby-faced angel is 5'8" and 143 pounds of pure boy flesh. He likes dads, den fathers, coaches, and teachers. Those pouty lips were just made for kissing!


Teddy is the perfect little boy next door to seduce. Young, hung, and full of... The 5'7", 140 pound cutie is nicely smooth with a fair complexion making him idea for numerous fantasy roles.


Taylor is our naughty imp. He likes to tease and he likes to get into trouble. The little scamp barely hits 5'6" and soaking wet cums in at 137 pounds. You can see how smooth he is. Though small he boasts a very nice package. 


Antonio gives you that special Latin flair with muscles that will make you drool. You spicy son provides hours of passionate entertainment as he has a reputation that the Energizer Bunny would die of envy from.  For a taste of the 5'11", 160 pound with the bronze body book now.


Schoolboy Byron is a top-of-the-line boystud that his known for his special package and his bubble butt. He's rather naughty and needs the occassional firm hand to keep him on the straight and narrow path. Are any of you dads up to the challenge? ? 


Skyler is that kid walking down the street that just draws your baser attention. He loves going Emo and Skater or just the pick-up boy of your dreams. At 5'10" and 158 pounds the smoothie is ready to get down with daddy or a stranger.  


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