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BOY HANDLER provides exclusive escorts to men with distinct tastes. Serving most major US Cities with the sweetest and sexiest 18 - 21 year old boys that can be found. Book some private time with the boys that you've only been able to imagine being with before.

You'll also find older escorts age 22 and over to serve your needs that come from the infamous SBlue Stable.

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Our Chicken Coop

Whether you're looking for the chicken across the road, the elfish boy in the schoolyard, or the muscled out nephew that is visiting from college, you'll find the barely legal boy of your wet dreams, who is ready to explore the man/boy world.  

Feel free to look through the young boytoys in your city. If you have any questions, please contact us.

I couldn't believe how nervous I was, my stomach felt like a hand was  clamping it tight, yet these feelings were balanced with excitement. Tonight was the night. I'd dreamt and planned this for years and now it was going to happen. I'm 40 years old and have a son called Matt. My  interest for Matt very gradually grew and evolved over his young life. Like most parents I loved my son deeply, but as the years grew I began to start to have other feelings for Matt. I think I've always been turned on by boys, but forced by friends and family to marriage; it was always pushed under the surface. Not until I started to spend more and more "one-on-one" time with my son, did I begin to think through how I felt.

Then came that day I caught him looking at my crotch.


We believe in utmost discretion for everyone. We understand your needs and desires, because they're our own. The barely legal, but still legal, escorts we provide to men are ones we've spent quality time with ourselves. Believe us, when we tell you our recruiters have the most enjoyable job in the world! Our boys are cute, sexy and have, shall we say, very eager beavers? So now that we're on the same page and understand each other, let's be upfront. There are certain things we cannot discuss. We can tell you we take pleasure in the bodies of smooth tender sweet young things. You do as well or you wouldn't be here, right? It's great that you are. We know the love and desire you have for chicken. We know the fantasies about the Little Leaguer, the son or nephew or grandson or little brother, that sweaty lean-bodied boy mowing the lawn next door, the cute kid with the big brown eyes and round little butt at the mall, well...just about any man/boy situation you can imagine we're trying to provide to you with a coop full of tenderized chicken. Your fantasies are the very same ones we take to bed with or enjoy on We get you. Most importantly, we get the boys you want for you. 

You don't have to be embarrassed about sharing your desires with us. In those desires we share common ground. We understand society, wives, girlfriends, families, careers, and such. But no one is inviting them to join our little party. It's just for you and the boy of your creamy dreams. You're not going to be judged about your needs or ridiculed about the age you like to imagine your boy or the role you want him to play. Hell, slap a diaper on his ass, make him dress like a sissy, have him pose in underroos, or sneak into your son's bedroom! We do not promote nor do we provide actual sex with underaged boys, but if the boy looks the part and the fantasy is there more power to you.   

As part of our goal towards discretion, we do have to limit what certain people see. You're allowed to view the tender tots in your location for now. Later, when you've proven to be a good and faithful Daddy to our boys, you'll get to see lots more. Furthermore, we do not want to get our boys into any legal issues, so we handle everything, including payment, discreetly between our company and the client. The boy doesn't show up for business. The boy shows up to just be a boy - your boy.




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